MAGNUS Sponsored Workshops

The Law Enforcement Institute for Credible Leadership Development is pleased to announce the following MAGNUS sponsored workshops with the Dolan Consulting Group, LLC.  The following dynamic workshops are now available: 

  • Emotional Survival Training sets out to identify the challenges and constructive strategies to, in the words of Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, maintain “an emotionally healthy workforce of professional men and women who can deal with matters and issues that the rest of society cannot handle.”  At a time of extreme stress and constant scrutiny, this training is vital for agency leaders concerned with the personal and professional health of their officers.   
  • Community Policing: Winning Back Your Community addresses one of the most fundamental challenges facing any law enforcement agency: gaining and retaining the trust of the community the agency serves. This seminar presents law enforcement leaders with solutions, based on empirical research and actual practice, for improving citizen satisfaction, citizen confidence, and citizen support for law enforcement officers.
  • Surviving Verbal Conflict®: Verbal De-escalation training provides public safety professionals with time-tested communication skills proven to help de-escalate volatile situations, safeguard fellow officers’ emotional and professional well-being, and significantly enhance the agency’s professional image. Today’s increased service demands and the scrutiny placed upon public safety professionals have made the mastering of these de-escalation skills a necessity.
  • Making Discipline Stick: Protecting Employees, the Agency and the Public Through Evidence-Based Best Practices address the few “bad apples” in the agency who are responsible for the majority of citizen complaints and internal acts of employee misconduct. Make discipline STICK in order to hold employees accountable and give much needed “wake up calls” before performance issues become so serious that termination is required or public safety is threatened. Identify the 5 most common reasons arbitrators give for overturning a public agency’s employee discipline. Utilize practical steps to ensure fairness in their disciplinary processes and significantly increase the likelihood that disciplinary decisions STICK.

These seminars will be taught by professionals who are accomplished trainers in their respective fields and bring decades of experience actually utilizing the skills they teach.  I believe the information offered in these seminars will prove crucial to protecting the health and reputation of public service organizations.

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Available Workshops

  • October 26th thru 28thdownload-brochure
    • Emotional Survivial Training Conference with Dr. Gilmartin 5 Scholarships Available, Apply Below


  • October 10thdownload-brochure
    • Community Policing: Winning Back Your Community 10 Scholarships Available, Apply Below
  • October 11th & 12th download-brochure
    • Surviving Verbal Conflict: Verbal Deescalation10 Scholarships Available, Apply Below
  • November 28th & 29th & December 14th & 15th download-brochure
    • Making Discipline StickProtecting Employees, the Agency and the Public Through Evidence-Based Best Practices – 10 Scholarships Available, Apply Below

Dolan Consulting Group

*Certifications are electronically mailed to attendees upon course completion.

Current ICLD students or clients are entitled to discounts.  Contact us for information.

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