Police observe that they need leadership education from the bottom-up. The LE-ICLD has a proven curriculum that prepares officers for the 21st Century where the community is more demanding and informed than ever before. Law enforcement officers are learning how to be deliberate leaders which translates to success at home, at work and in their communities.

Students learn how to be part of the solution by building mutual trust and respect with those they work and serve. They learn how to co-actively and cooperatively build local solutions to local problems while maintaining safety and security.

The LE-ICLD curriculum enhances the professionalism of law enforcement officers while it sharpens the skills of the guardian-servant. Students develop character with compassion, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence and moral courage.

Today, it’s essential for LEOs to LEAD and learn the skills of modern policing – collaboration at home, on the job and in the community. The LE-ICLD means success – personal growth, agency legacy and community well-being.

Christopher Hoina, Sr.
FBI National Academy Alumnus, 
Co-Founder, LE-ICLD

SD Gov 2

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard is awarding certificates to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office personnel who successfully completed the LEICLD education in 2015