LEOs Leadership Education (LEOsLEAD)

The Institute for Credible Leadership Development

Law Enforcement Officers Leadership Education (LEOsLEAD) or “the Developing Leader” is a Comprehensive, Career-Long Leadership Education and Developmental course of the National Command and Staff College for Law Enforcement Officers. Participants complete an in-depth journey by addressing relevant topics and proven theories offered by the Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD) division of the college. 

The ICLD enables Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to learn, practice and master concepts and skills designed to promote organizational excellence and positive community outcomes as they become Magnanimous Officers or “MAGNUS”.

A majority of law enforcement professionals attending the ICLD program report the following positive outcomes:

  • Increased officer safety.
  • Increased organizational thought.
  • Reduction in stress.
  • Reduction in citizen complaints. 
  • Increased capacity in character building behaviors.
  • Increased accountability and responsibility.
  • Increased personnel engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Improved personal self-awareness and decision-making.
  • Improved integrity of personal and professional conduct.
  • Enhanced personnel civic mindedness and involvement in the community.
  • Increased cross-cultural awareness, understanding and tolerance.
  • Increased ability to develop partnerships with community representatives.

Adopting Agencies

Apex Police Department
Arkansas State Police
Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office
Atlantic Beach Police Department
Badger State Sheriffs’ Association
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
Bladen County Sheriff’s Office
Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office
California Tactical Officers Association
Camden County Sheriff’s Office
Carteret County Sheriff’s Office
Dane County Sheriff’s Office
Fuquay-Varina Police Department
Garner Police Department
Guilford County Sheriff’s Office
Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Henderson County Sheriff’s Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
Los Angeles Police Department
Louisiana Department of Correction
Madison County Sheriff’s Office
Holly Springs Police Department
Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office
Morrisville Police Department
North Carolina Department Adult Corrections
North Carolina DPS Alcohol Law Enforcement
Pennington County Sheriff’s Office
Pierce County Sheriff’s Office
Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Plaquemine Parish Sheriff’s Office
Rapid City Police Department
Rock County Sheriff’s Office
South Dakota Attorney General
South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
South Dakota Highway Patrol
South Dakota Law Enforcement Academy
South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association
St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office
St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office
Statesville Police Department
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office
Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Union County Sheriff’s Office
Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Wisconsin Training & Standards Bureau

LE ICLD Faculty & Testimonials

  • Dr. Terry Anderson, CLO, International Academy of Public Safety
  • Major Mike Adams (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, NC)
  • Chief Deputy Ben Bailey (Retired Union County Sheriff’s Office, NC)
  • Chief Gary Benthin (Retired Eden Police Department, NC)
  • Chief Deputy Gary Blankenship (Retired Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, NC)
  • Lt. Darius Bone (Los Angeles Police Department)
  • Chief Percy Crutchfield (Pittsboro Police Department, NC)
  • Sheriff Van Duncan (Buncombe County, NC)
  • Lieutenant Brian Ellis (Field Operations, Sacramento Police Department)
  • Commander Sid Heal (Retired US Marines and President of CATO)
  • Retired Lt. Chris Hoina, FBI NA Session 222
  • MSG. Paul Howe (Retired US Army DELTA Special Forces)
  • Captain Tracy Kelly (Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, NC)
  • Lt. Colonel Dennis Levin (Retired US Army; retired Minister)
  • Dr. Larry Long (retired Professor and Executive Director of the School of Communications at Illinois State University
  • Sheriff Ray Nash (Retired Dorchester County, SC and current President Police Dynamics)
  • Sheriff Newell Normand, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA.
  • Dr. Anthony Normore (Professor of Educational Leadership, Graduate Education Division; Chair, Special Education; Co- Chair, Teacher Education Division at the College of Education, California State University Dominguez Hills)
  • Chief of Police David Perry (Florida State University and immediate past president of IACLEA)
  • Sheriff and NC Sheriffs’ Association President Hubert Peterkin (Hoke County, NC)
  • Chief Deputy Michael Roberson (Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, NC)
  • Colonel Ted Spain (Retired US Army – Commander of the 18th Military Police Brigade in Iraq)
  • Lieutenant Colonel R’ami J. Spain (Retired US Army)
  • Commander Russ Reithmeyer (Special Agent at Amtrak, Lancaster, CA)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Wellington Scott (Retired North Carolina State Highway Patrol and current COO Institute for Credible Leadership Development)
  • Lorraine Snyder (Instructor NC Justice Academy)
  • Battalion Chief Matt Tobia (Loudoun County, VA)
  • Dr. Tim Turner (retired FBI SSA, FBINA instructor and Adjunct Professor at UVA)
  • Dr. Neal Trautman (Director of the Congressional National Institute of Ethics)
  • Director Charles Walston (NCDPS Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice)
  • Colonel Randy Watt (Utah Army National Guard and President of SRW, Inc.)


Colonel Ted Spain

Lt. Darius Bone

Lt. Brian Ellis