We help LE Executives build agencies with the highest of ethical standards who develop personnel with unparalleled service capability and orientation to the community 

We can help your agency become a Credible Leader Organization (CLO). CLOs are progressive agencies.

  • They are reform-minded and future-focused.
  • They recognize that Every Officer is a Leader.
  • They seek to continuously strengthen the organization by developing its people as leaders.
  • These officer-leaders are able provide a problem-solving leadership role in the community.

When an agency commits to becoming a CLO, the agency creates an environment where the credible leader thrives; where the Serve in the motto of Serve and Protect takes on the additional meaning of servant leader – one who seeks to better the community. Besides administering and enforcing the law, the agency must evolve to meet current and anticipate future demands by continuously developing human and organizational capacity to build and stabilize ideas in the agency and within the community.

Our team has the experience and the expertise to help you achieve your goal to become this kind of agency; a Credible Leadership Organization.

The Criminal Commission Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development certifies Criminal Justice Organizations in the United States as “Certified Credible Leadership Organizations (CLO).

The CLO  is awarded to criminal justice organizations which are committed to excellence, serving justice and accommodating citizens while utilizing the highest of ethical standards.  Agencies considered for CLO shall meet certain performance standards as overseen by the Commission.

The CLO begins when an employee of a criminal justice agency becomes certified as a level one credible leader.  As soon as one employee is recognized by the CCL Commission as a level one credible leader also known as, a One Star Certified Credible Leader the process begins.

An organization is automatically enrolled as an Accredited Credible Leadership Organization In-Development as soon as one employee becomes a Certified Credible Leader (CCL).   In order for an organization to become fully accredited criteria as outlined by the CLO Commission must be reached.