Options for Individuals

Individual officers can access the LE-ICLD I, LE-ICLD II, LE-ICLD III, and LE-ICLD IV courses through our national education hubs. LE-ICLD V, Command College, is under development and is scheduled to launch in 2017.

Each state educational portal offers select number of scholarships to all four phases of LEICLD. Go to your state (below) for more information.

Options for Agencies

The Agency Pricing Option is the most cost effective for an agency that wishes to enroll more than 40 students. With this option we will build and customize a Law Enforcement Institute for Credible Leadership Development that will be available to train all employees for a period of three (3) years.  Here is and example, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Institute for Credible Leadership Development.  

This fully customized LMS portal includes your agency banner, photos, symbols and on-site video customization utilizing agency personnel which exemplifies organizational traditions and reinforces the LE-ICLD curriculum.

In 2013, South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association, the State Highway Patrol and the Law Enforcement Training Academy adopted LE ICLD I.

In 2014, Badgers State Sheriffs’ Association adopted LE ICLD I and II.

In 2015, Wake Tech Community College, the only CALEA Accredited law Enforcement Training Academy in NC adopted ICLD I & II for “Instructor Led” offering state-wide. 

Late 2015, Iowa State Sheriffs’ & Deputies’ Association adopted LE ICLD I & II.

In 2016, Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) became the first state association to adopt LE ICLD I, II, III, and IV utilizing the latest Knowledge Management System with full support from all 87 Minnesota County Sheriffs for a state-wide dissemination through multi-layered and integrated portals.

Furthermore, Minnesota County Sheriffs’s Association’s Executive Director, James Franklin envisioned a similar system for all states in the nation.  With his guidance and support, we have undertaken this comprehensive journey with the hope of building a portal for every state by end 2016.  

Given that California Post had already approved LE ICLD I, II, II, & IV courses with sponsorship from Sheriff Dean of Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, we have already completed the California’s portal for state wide launch.