Coaching Services to Move You, Your Team and Your Organization Forward

Are You Looking for a Certified Coach? 

Certified Coaches have completed Phase IV of Credible Leadership and Certification Training where their skills as coaches, blended learning facilitators and consultants have been verified.  They are seasoned and carefully selected professionals who are independent practitioners and are not employed by the ICLD. 

Click here to see the coaches’ bios and contact them directly to set up a no-cost introductory session.  This way you can find out more about the benefits of professional coaching.

Why Coaching?

Coaching will help you pinpoint which skills you have developed, design your own leadership development plan, and as a result, better coach others, resolve team and organizational issues, and prepare yourself for your next opportunity.  Our clients say that leadership skill development is relatively easy after they complete Phase IV of Credible Leadership and experience what coaching is like.  This course is a great introduction to leadership skills and coaching supports you with laser-beam focus to develop them faster and more effectively.

The Nature and Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching is an essential leadership skill.
  • Coaching is one of the finest forms of supportive and developmental communication.
  • Leaders who adopt a “coach approach” are equipped to help their employees bring speedy resolution to the complexity of day-to-day challenges.
  • Coaching builds resilience and self-esteem in others.
  • Coaching expedites the development and readiness of high performers.
  • Coaching decreases conflict and nurtures an honest and positive climate in organizations.
  • Coaching demonstrates positive intent towards others.
  • A “coach approach” helps teams excel and organizations succeed.

How Do You Find Your Coach?

You can choose one of our Certified Coaches who are prepared to assist you to achieve your professional leadership goals.  You can have one free coaching session so that you can determine if this coach is the one you want to work with.