Comprehensive, Career-Long Leadership & Ethics
Education & Development 


Proven – The curriculum has been scientifically developed and tested since 2009.

Accessible – Officers can learn on-line 24/7 anywhere the Internet is available.

Continuous– Professional, comprehensive LEO education and development are available from “hire to retire.”

Affordable – LEO leadership skills and principles are delivered reliably and confidently at a fraction of traditional training costs.

Sustainable – Leadership Academies are customized to meet the needs of any local agency or state-wide organization.   Academy operational requirements fit local budgets and are cost-effective.

Effective – LE-ICLD academies teach officers how to build mutual trust with the community which leads to problem solving collaboration while citizen complaints are reduced.

Compatible – The LE-ICLD is filling the void of leadership education and development currently existing between basic police training and senior staff leadership education.

Individual Success
Agency Effectiveness – Community Impact


ICLD has a proven curriculum that prepares officers for the 21st Century where the job and the community are more demanding and informed than ever before.  Law enforcement officers from the bottom-up are learning how to be deliberate leaders which translates to success at home, at work and in their communities.

Nearly 7,000,000 hours of training successfully delivered to date to over 38,000 students nation-wide . . . and counting.


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